Hass Avocado - more than a super food!

Tasty as they are, Hass Avocados have the potential be to so much more. Check out the pics below to see the avocado in a whole new light. A Hass Avocado is a beautiful thing indeed!

The Avant-garde Avocado

avocado-bun-burgers-11a-700x567.jpg 700×567 pixels avocado-stone-faces-jan-campbell-3.jpg 660×660 pixels halloween-avocado-3.jpg 700×525 pixels image 704×528 pixels avocado-stone-faces-jan-campbell-5.jpg 660×660 pixels 5f1971b5b8b311ec6a756a986818693e.jpg 773×854 pixels AvocadoArt.png 762×450 pixels food4.jpg 1,080×822 pixels


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